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The Regent offers traditional student housing, which means we lease our two- or three-bedroom apartments by-the-bed and you’ll share your space with roommates.

If you don’t already know who you want to live with, you’ll select your roommate using RoomChoice, an innovative online platform that uses a personality quiz to help you select a roommate. Here’s how it works:

  • A month or two before move in RoomChoice will email you an invitation to find a roommate on their website
  • You’ll build your own profile using an efficient but thorough questionnaire
  • You’ll browse for potential roommates
  • You’ll message and/or use social media to get to know potential roommates

When you and your roommate are set with the match, all you need to do is request each other through the app, and confirm the choice. The whole online process can happen in an hour or less!

With Steve Brown Apartments and The Regent, your match is easily made and based on shared likes (and dislikes) – no more rolling the dice on roommates!

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